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There’s a secret that grocery stores don’t want you to know about. But if you are interested in getting the most for your dollar, saving money, and never paying full price for food then you’ve come to the right place! We LOVE helping people learn how to save money, budget, and have the ability to have delicious food for their family.

In order to fully take advantage of this secret there are really 2 parts to it:

  1. Most (because we can’t speak for all) grocery stores work with a 12 week system, meaning that every 12 weeks they will have roughly the same sales.
  2. There are about 3-4 different sale price points for each item.

Knowing and applying these 2 secrets will make sure you never pay full price again!

Know the price points

Pay attention the the LOWEST sale price of items. For example, Ragu spaghetti sauce is normally $1.49/jar. It will be on sale for $1.29, $1.09, $0.98, and $0.88 depending on the sale week. Obviously the $0.88 price is the best, that’s the one we’re looking for. That is the price that when the sale is for that price point we stock up with enough to last our family for 12 weeks. Then by the time we run out of it the sale has returned and we stock up again.

Knowing the other price points helps too, because sometimes we miscalculate how much we’ll use in 12 weeks and run out before that. But rather than pay full price, we can stock up for the remainder of the 12 weeks when it’s on sale for one of the other sale prices. (hopefully the next lowest but any sale is better than full price)

Prices do fluctuate some, so don’t be so set on the sale price that you miss the new lowest price. For example, if the cost goes up to the store they may no longer offer the spaghetti sauce at $0.88 as their lowest sale price point, but instead have the $0.98 price be the lowest. The key is knowing when it’s the lowest you’ve seen in 12 weeks and stocking up then.

Using this 12 week secret you will never pay full price again!

Each time an item is on sale for it’s lowest price point you stock up enough for 12 weeks and by the time you need it again it should be on sale again. Pretty simple right? It is!

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