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One of the main reasons for this trip was because we had tickets to Medieval Times. So this meal was included with those tickets. Because of my other blog- A to Z for Moms Like Me (which I’ve had for 10 years) I get tickets to places like this for free in exchange for a review. Blogging is a great resource in saving money for entertainment and products, but even if you don’t blog, there are lots of different ways you can get discounts and complementary products or services if you do a little research.

If you are planning a vacation and intend to choose 1 or more activities that you will splurge a little on, it’s always nice when it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. In this case- Dinner & Entertainment. And if you plan ahead most places will let you purchase tickets in advance, then that aspect of your vacation will have already been paid for by the time you go.

What we paid: $0

Because these tickets were in exchange for a review on my blog, we didn’t pay anything for them. But if we had paid for them it would have been-
Adult: $63.95, Children 12 & under: $36.95 So the total for our family would have been: $430.60 (plus tax) (5 adults & 3 kids)

What we got:

Aside from the amazing entertainment! (seriously, everyone should go at least once in their life) The dinner was fantastic! All the food is served without any utensils- so you are all eating with your hands. The courses included:

  • Soda to drink
  • Tomato soup with garlic bread
  • Chicken (like half of a chicken per person), a seasoned potato, corn on the cob
  • Lemon sweet bread

We got more pictures of the fun and entertainment than the food, but it was amazing! Included is a picture of the meal we had from their website. My 2 little girls each got a flower tossed to them from the blue knight- it made their day!

The 2 little girls each got a flower from our knight during the performance, then they were so excited to get their picture taken with him!

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