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The second day of our vacation we planned to go to the beach and swim/hang out at the hotel until our plans that evening. So we headed out in the morning after having breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed a few hours at the beach.

After getting some fun time in at the beach everyone was pretty hungry as you can imagine. We went to Costco to grab some lunch to take back to the hotel. We love getting the croissant sandwich platters at Costco. They come with a selection of ham, turkey & roast beef sandwiches and 2 types of mustard. Even with our big family there is enough to last for a couple meals & snacks.

Knowing everyone was beach hungry, and would be swimming hungry while at the hotel that afternoon I also got a small platter of tortilla wrap sandwiches.

We had brought the box of chips with us (see my travel snacks post) which we hadn’t opened yet, so we had those with our sandwiches.

For a treat, we got a package of Costco’s homemade cookies.

What we spent: $50.97

The cost breakdown is:

  • $7.99- cookies
  • $9.99- tortilla wrap sandwiches
  • $32.99- croissant sandwich platter

What we got:

Here’s some pictures of the food we got. Sadly I wasn’t able to get pictures BEFORE everyone ate lunch (hungry little monkeys!) But I did get pictures of what was left AFTER everyone had eaten lunch. The first 2 pictures are some pictures I was able to find online that will give you an idea of what they looked like full from Costco.

How well it fed us:

This food lasted for multiple meals & snacks, in fact, when we got home we still had some sandwiches left! Here’s a picture of what we brought home- (the sandwiches are on the far left)

I can’t stress enough how much money you can save by taking a cooler on a trip and stopping at a place like Costco for food you can eat over multiple meals rather than eating out for every single meal.

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