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This post is in reference to our 2019 CA family vacation. We were on vacation from Saturday morning until late Monday night. There were 8 of us. Our travel time was about 7 hours each way.

Here is a list of the travel snacks we took on this trip, where I bought them, how much they cost, recipes to the ones I made, etc.

Items Purchased:

My Reciept from Smiths.
Total amount spent: $48.33 Amount of items not for trip: $14.31
Total amount spent for the trip: $34.02

Smiths was having some great deals including some really good flavored cutie oranges so that was where we did our shopping.

Here’s the breakdown of what we bought:

  • 5 packs of pudding/gelatin- On sale for 10/$10, but with a digital coupon they came to 5/$4
  • 3 boxes of Kool-Aid Jammers- On sale for $1.99, but with a digital coupon they came to $0.99 each
  • KitKat Mini’s- $2.99 each (2), using a coupon mailed to me for being a Smiths Rewards member it took off $1.25 making them 2/$4.75
  • Pretzels- on sale from $3.69 to $2.50 each, but with a digital coupon they were 2/$4.00
  • Chips- on sale from $14.99 to $9.99, but with a digital coupon they were $6.99
  • Crackers- on sale from $3.19 to $2.99 each, but with digital coupon they were $0.99 each.
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Cheese sticks
  • Water bottles (purchased at Costco prior)
  • Yogurt- 8 pack for $1.99 with digital coupon

Not only did we get some good savings, but we also were able to get 30 cents off PER GALLON of gas which we used to fill up our car on the way out of town. The gas savings, digital coupons, and coupons mailed to me were all because I am a member of Smith’s rewards program. It’s free, and takes just a minute to sign up for from your phone. The Smiths app is great, it shows you the weekly ads, digital coupons, and more. Any digital coupons you want to use you tap on and they get added to your account, then whenever you do go to the store and checkout they will automatically apply the coupons! Super easy!

Items Made:

For this trip I made 2 homemade snacks to take with us. Sun Dried Tomato Dip (not pictured), Banana bread & Rice Krispies (with M&M’s- the chocolate helps with car sickness)

I pre-slice the banana bread to make it easier to hand out while driving. And the Rice Krispies are pre-cut to make them easier to handle too.

The recipe for the Banana Bread is here.

The recipe for the Rice Krispies are here.

Additional Snacks

On our way home we had some car issues with a heater hose needing to be replaced, and as a reward for the kids for being so well behaved while waiting we stopped for ice cream at Freddy’s on our way home. Freddy’s is a really good custard place, so although their ice cream isn’t cheap, it’s delicious! It was a splurge. Our total was $35.96 for all 8 of us.


Because we had bought & made these travel snacks we did not buy any snacks while on our trip. (with the exception of the ice cream at Freddy’s) We even came home with plenty of leftover snacks & food from Costco & other places we ate. Here’s some pictures of what we ended up bringing home.

The cooler still had yogurt, string cheese, half a bag of carrots, pudding, a few Kool Aid Jammers, and half a tub of dip. The snack bag that didn’t have to be kept cold came home with an unopened box of crackers, 9 bags of chips, all the oranges (we forgot we had them!), and 1 unopened bag of KitKat minis. We also ended up with 2 bags of chips & 2 salsa containers from Chili’s, 4 sandwiches from Costco, 2 tubs of mustard from Costco, and some Medieval Times leftovers.

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