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It’s no secret that if you want to get the best deal you want to buy things at the end of their “season” when they go on clearance at stores to make room for the next season’s focus.

Fall is the perfect time to buy outdoor items such as BBQ, Smoker, Patio Furniture, Garden/lawn tools, Pots, Planters, etc.

As the focus moves from Spring and Summer activities into Winter activities stores want to get rid of the associated items and start selling the new seasonal focus items.

Things aren’t always promoted as being on clearance

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were at Walmart. We’ve talked about upgrading our BBQ for a few years and have said how whenever we do we’ll wait until Fall to get the best deal.

So there we were in the garden & bbq section looking at some ideas when Tony pointed out a BBQ/smoker and said that’s the one he’d like to get when it goes on sale. Then we noticed the price seemed a lot lower than we thought it’d be. When I pulled up the smoker on my phone it WAS on sale! Almost half price!!

Keep in mind there were no sales signs, no clearance signs, no brightly colored price stickers… nothing to indicate that the prices had been so drastically lowered.

Know the full price

If we hadn’t been aware of what the prices should have been we never would have known the bbq/smoker was on sale! It’s important to do your homework so you know a good deal when you see one.

We were able to buy this new bbq/smoker for $367, the normal price is $597!

I don’t know about you, but I’m okay waiting until the off season to save that kind of money!!

Happily ever after…

We have had so much fun using our new bbq/smoker since we got it!! Tony is the grill master! Above is a picture of him smoking a soda can chicken and queso cheese sauce. Both were AMAZING!

Here’s a few pics of our new bbq/smoker… we saved so much we even got a custom cover for it.

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