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In doing our 30 day RUVI Challenge we wanted to find unique ways to eat & drink our RUVI. After watching the movie “Runaway Bride” and the whole scene where the one lady says sarcastically “I’m going to go Focus on your eggs” I wanted to test RUVI in some breakfast foods!

These waffles were just a basic sweet pancake mix you add water to. I then added 1 packet of RUVI Focus to the batter making it a pretty purple color!

As for taste, once they were cooked into waffles my husband really loved the taste of the RUVI Focus waffles. Combining the waffles with maple syrup wasn’t my favorite, so instead I used a homemade pomegranate syrup. The pomegranate syrup was a much better compliment to the RUVI waffles!

Try it out!! And in the mean time if you have any other suggestions for me to add RUVI to let me know!

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