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We have a lot of fun with birthday’s at our house! This year Addie is turning 9 and she wanted to have a Star Wars Party.
Thank heavens for Pinterest inspiration!!

Between Pinterest and my niece who had a Star Wars party for her son a couple months ago I got some great ideas. This is what we did-


We had the party over lunch time and served:

  • Hoth Dogs
  • Bantha Buns
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Vader Veggies
  • Padawan Pasta (Recipe here) and
  • Luke Skywater

I ordered 2 Star Wars buckets to put the Thermal Detonators in from Amazon below:


As the kids arrived they had to cross the “Lava” by jumping from “rock” to “rock”.

We used 2 single shot nerf guns to shoot storm trooper cups. I had a bowl of extra bullets for them to use. Two kids would race to see who could hit all the cops down first.

We also had a laser beam obstacle course they could climb through trying not to let the lasers touch them.

We also had balloons hanging from the ceiling where the kids could practice using the force to make the balloons move. (we suggested they rub their feet on the carpet, or rub other balloons on themselves to help build up static electricity for this to work better)

Relay Game

After letting the kids practice with the different games for awhile we did a team relay. During the relay one person from each team would race by crossing the lava, going through the laser hall touching the door at the end then returning through the lasers, crossing back over the lava, then shooting down at least 3 storm troopers. Then they would give the next kid on their time a “five” and the next kid would go through the same tasks.


I ordered the cake from Costco. They are getting somewhat limited on what they can do on cakes now so we came up with the idea to just have them do star bursts on each slice and then I was able to order light saber cupcake toppers below.

Party Favors

For the party favors I ordered some bubble wants and then my husband spray painted the handles black. They turned out perfect!! I printed off some thank you labels to attach to them (see downloads at the bottom of this post). We also gave each kid a certificate I printed off of this site.

With the exception of the “Thank You” label I got here, I created my own labels using a star wars font I got online free. (we ended up not using the Han burgers one) Here they are, feel free to use them!

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