DAY 13

by A to Z for Moms Like Me

It’s Monday! I’m back home, the weather is nice, and it’s a day to get things done! Breakfast and lunch were the usual- everyone does their own thing, cereal etc. for breakfast, kids have lunch at school, my youngest daughter had a cheese tortilla & the hubby and I had leftovers.

For dinner we did a BBQ with some neighbors. They came over and we grilled hamburgers. Our neighbors brought their own hamburger patties & we had a ton of buns from my Costco trip earlier that needed to be used. In addition, our neighbors brought a pasta salad, some pickles & olives, and I made a strawberry, peaches & cream fruit salad (See recipe here) , baked french fries, and we had some leftover BBQ baked beans. And we can’t forget our homemade fry sauce! This is a Utah thing apparently, here’s the recipe for my version. Here’s the estimated run down of the meal:

  • 15 hamburger patties- $9
  • 24 hamburger buns- $3.99
  • Strawberry , Peaches & Cream Salad- $4.00
  • Baked fries- $2.50
  • Condiments- $2.00

Total cost for this day: $21.49

Running Total Budget for the 30 days used:

Groceries purchased: $374.18

Groceries used in meals: $134.18

Date Night: $74.33

Pizza: $49.38

Our budget for these 3 for the 30 days is: Groceries- $600, Date Nights- $100 & Pizza- $100 Since we may not use all the groceries purchased in this time, and will be using some things we have on hand already, we will be tracking both the running total of the best estimated cost of meals each day as well as the cost of groceries/date nights/pizza purchased during the 30 days.

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