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Being a Sunday, and on a weekend, although everyone is home we are pretty laid back when it comes to breakfast & lunch. Everyone mostly does their own thing for these meals. Typically lunch will be sandwiches or leftovers.

For dinner we had my nephew & his family over for dinner & games. There’s 4 of them making it a total of 12 people for dinner.

It was my oldest daughter’s night to be in charge of dinner and she wanted to make Navajo Tacos. I had purchased the rhodes rolls, ground beef, & sour cream at Costco a couple days prior so we had everything ready. See the recipe here. *the ground beef we always separate and package into ziploc bags and freeze. It’s cheaper to buy the ground beef in bulk, but this way we can just pull out of the freezer what we need at the time. Here is the best estimated break down of this meal’s cost to feed all 12 of us:

  • Ground beef (about 2lbs)- $7.78
  • Sour Cream- $1.00
  • Cheese- $2.00
  • Rhodes Rolls- $7.59

We ended up with enough meat for lunch the next day, and enough scones for lunch & snacks the next day. The sour cream & cheese we only used a portion of them.

The cost of this day: $18.37

Running Total Budget for the 30 days used:

Groceries purchased: $275.00

Groceries used in meals: $55.16

Date Night: $20

Pizza: $10.68

Our budget for these 3 for the 30 days is: Groceries- $600, Date Nights- $100 & Pizza- $100 Since we may not use all the groceries purchased in this time, and will be using some things we have on hand already, we will be tracking both the running total of the cost of meals each day as well as the cost of groceries/date nights/pizza purchased during the 30 days.

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