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On day 6 breakfast & lunch were pretty typical- kids were at school for lunch, our daughter, my hubby and I all had leftovers for lunch. Seriously, leftovers are awesome! It means a free lunch the next day!

For dinner my hubby and I decided to go on a date. It was our son Marshall’s turn to be in charge of dinner, and he made Haystacks. (basically rice, gravy & toppings) See the recipe here. He’s almost 14 and it’s one of his favorite dinners to make/eat. And it’s pretty cheap! Because it’s basically rice & gravy it’s a easy meal to stretch for a lot of people. Typically we have everything on hand for it so it’s a good staple meal too.

If I were to estimate the cost of this meal however for this experience my best guess (& over estimation) would be to feed 8 people: $4.50

  • Rice- $1.00
  • Cream of chicken soup- $1.00
  • Milk- $0.50
  • Bacon- $1.00
  • Cheese- $1.00

For our date, I got a coupon in my email for a free appetizer at Chilis. Combining that with the free chips & salsa we always get, and the leftover gift cards from our family vacation, we were only out of pocket $4 for our date! (including tip) We both got a triple dipper (it’s appetizer, but we like it for a meal sometimes), and we got texas fries for our free appetizer, and of course the chips & salsa. We ended up bringing home chips & salsa, and most of my triple dipper. (lunch for tomorrow!)

What we spent today: $8.50

This includes the over-estimated cost of what the kids dinner ingredients were ($4.50), and our date ($4.00).

Running Total Budget for the 30 days used:

Groceries purchased: $275.00

Groceries used in meals: $59.66

Date Night: $24

Pizza: $10.68

Our budget for these 3 for the 30 days is: Groceries- $600, Date Nights- $100 & Pizza- $100 Since we may not use all the groceries purchased in this time, and will be using some things we have on hand already, we will be tracking both the running total of the cost of meals each day as well as the cost of groceries/date nights/pizza purchased during the 30 days.

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