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Being a Wednesday it’s usually a crazy day between late start for my older kids, early out for my younger daughter, and everything in between. On top of other weekly craziness a friend of mine is in the process of moving so I had offered to bring their family dinner. So that means Pizza! (Good thing I have a pizza budget)

To make things easier I got pizza from Papa Murphy’s (if you don’t have one near you, it’s a take & bake place) For the purposes of this 30 day budget I’m only going to count in the cost of pizza for our family and not both. So the list below is for just our family.

The cost of dinner on this day: $38.70

  • 2 family size pizza’s
  • 1 order of breadsticks
  • 1 large chicken avocado salad

We ended up with about half a pizza leftover and most of the salad.

Running Total Budget for the 30 days used:

Groceries purchased: $304.16

Groceries used in meals: $70.29

Date Night: $56.18

Pizza: $49.38

Our budget for these 3 for the 30 days is: Groceries- $600, Date Nights- $100 & Pizza- $100 Since we may not use all the groceries purchased in this time, and will be using some things we have on hand already, we will be tracking both the running total of the best estimated cost of meals each day as well as the cost of groceries/date nights/pizza purchased during the 30 days.

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