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If you are smart with your shopping, you can make it so that you will never pay full price for anything! I’ve shared in the couponing posts how the grocery stores have a 12 week rotation of their sales, sometimes they will do some exceptional sales outside of that rotation like this.

My local Walmart had mustard on sale for 58 cents each!! This was for the large size too. Normally this size would cost about $1.98- so that is a 75% savings! With Summer just starting we tend to use more condiments such as mayo, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce etc. for sandwiches, picnics, & barbeques so it’s perfect timing! Plus we make quite a few things throughout the year that have mustard such as potato salad, Aussie Chicken (honey mustard sauce) etc.

On average, we probably go through about 1 of these containers per month. I double checked the expiration date (sometimes amazing sales like this are due to them being close to expiring so watch for that!) and they don’t expire until late 2020. Buying 12 of them gives us a 1 year supply!

Now you say, but it’s only mustard…. yes, it is only mustard, but this is how you build up your food storage cheap! We now have at least a 1 year supply of mustard for $6, the same amount not on sale would cost us close to $24.

This is a prime example of how important it is to watch for and stock up on the great sales! Anything over 50% savings is worth stocking up on! Just remember to check expiration dates.

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