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In light of recent events, I wanted to share this Food Storage Checklist that I created about 13 years ago. It has every consumable item in your house listed. Next to the items is a column to put how much a 1 month supply of each item is for your family.

Once you download the list you can add/remove items, and adjust the amount/month column to customize it for your family. Once you customize the list, inventory your pantry or food storage and check how many months supply you have of each item.

With this list it’s quick to know at a glance which items you are stocked up on and which ones you need more of.

To get a free download of this checklist go to: https://mailchi.mp/726b087de87d/foodstoragechecklist

My goal is to help as many people as possible learn more about food storage & preparedness. If you are wanting to learn more about those topics come join our facebook group. The group has course units, and a great community including some food storage experts. www.facebook.com/groups/foodstorage101

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