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Grocery Store Deals

by A to Z for Moms Like Me

Every grocery store has a time or day that they clearance down their products before they expire. It’s a great time to find a good deal! Especially for items that can be frozen and used later. Double check the sale price vs the normal price though, some stores discount more than others. (see meat examples below) You may think it’s a great deal just because there’s a clearance sticker on it, but if it’s not at least 30% discounted for the original price it’s not really a clearance in my book! Walmart is the biggest culprit of this type of low discount clearance tag manipulation of the stores I know, I have actually seen “clearance” tags at Walmart that were 3 cents lower than the normal price…….. woo hoo! Imagine what you can do with THAT kind of savings!!!

Most grocery stores will tell you when they mark things down. (they don’t want to have to throw it out when it expires) The butcher is probably your greatest resource! Did you know most grocery stores clearance their “fresh ground beef” from the previous day EVERY DAY? Just ask the butcher what time they put out the discounted fresh ground beef from the previous day. Each store is different, but if you need ground beef and want to save some money make friends with the butcher.

My local Smiths (Kroger) had these produce items clearanced down, If you look close you can see what a great deal I got considering the contents. They also had strawberries on a fantastic sale of $1.88 for a 2lb container so I stocked up for jam & other projects.

This trip’s deals included:

  • Package of mushrooms, green beans, & onions- $0.99
  • Package of mushrooms, asparagus, & onions- $0.99
  • 2 Packages of all mushrooms- $1.49 each
  • Package of 8 stuffed mushrooms- $0.99
  • 1 bag of salad mix- $0.99
  • Package of sliced zucchini $0.99
  • 2 bunches of flowers- $1.50 each
  • Large pork roast- $11.59

Compared to the normal full price these were big savings!! We just made our meal plans around these deals and saved some money on our grocery budget that week. Remember to stock up and freeze meats when they’re on a good deal and you will never pay full price again!

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