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Have you been to the store lately? Holy Cow.

If you’ve been to the store lately you may have noticed a few things:

  1. Meat is out or low in stock and purchases are limited
  2. The price of at least beef has gone WAY up!

Where we live for example, ground beef is normally about $2.99/lb when it’s not on sale.  On sale it will get as low as $1.99/lb (that’s when we stock up!)  
But last Saturday the hubby and I went to 2 stores to get some ground beef for our Mother’s Day plans and HOLY COW!  Ground beef was $4.39/lb & $4.79/lb at the stores!  Not only that, but one store had a limit of 1 package per person, and the other store had a limit of 2 packages per person. -Not that we were excited to spend $30 per package of ground beef that normally would cost us $12-15.

What are the options?

Here’s a few options to consider when feeding a family on a budget:

  • Stop or reduce the amount of beef in meals
  • Shop only the sales
  • Purchase beef at Costco or Sams Club
  • Talk to a rancher & butcher about getting a cow butchered.
  • Check out freeze dried meat options. (Thrive Life has good ones)

Hopefully this situation is temporary, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Stock up when you can find a good price.  And if you’re wondering how much you need there’s always my custom Food Storage Checklist, and come join the Food Storage 101 facebook group for lots of ideas & advice.

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