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My family eats a lot of fresh produce. Because of this I am always looking for resources when it comes to places to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite options.

Local Sources

Whenever possible, purchasing from local farmers or co-ops is a great option. Not only will you be supporting someone in your local community, but chances are the food will be more fresh and have less preservatives in it.

There are people out there that do bulk orders, gather and distribute produce orders, etc. You just need to put the word out that you’re looking for it. Farmers markets are a great place to start.

In the picture above, the food on the right hand side of the table is from a local co-op where I live. The lady that runs it charges $30 per basket. She does weekly orders, and although you never know exactly what’s going to be in the order she does try to give a list of some items to expect.

After picking up this weeks basket I did a price comparison with the Walmart app and the total I would have spent for the same (or as comparable as I could find) food would have been $39. Not too bad!

Misfits Market Box

The food on the left side of the table pictured at the top is what came in this weeks Misfits Market Box. It was my first week and I am really impressed!

The Misfits Market Box comes with all organic produce. You get to choose your items to some extent- how it works is: You log on about 4-5 days before your box is to be delivered, there will be about 3 sections. The top section will have something like 15-20 items and it will ask you to choose 9 of those. The next section may have 15 items and tell you to choose 6 items, and the last section may have about 12 items and ask you to choose 4.

In this selection process you do get some choice over what produce you get. I chose a lot of apples because my family loves apples. Also, I wanted to be on the safe side with this being our first box and all.

The Misfits Market Box cost me $35 and was delivered to my door. When I plugged all the items into the Walmart app the total I would have paid there was $53! Now that’s some savings! Misfits Market does have a smaller box in the $20 range as well. If you’re thinking about trying them out I’d love it if you’d use my referral link below! 🙂

Which would you choose?

Comparing the two sides of the table, the left cost $35 and the right cost $30, which side would you choose?

My Summary

For my family, I love the ability to choose what we get using Misfits Market Box, plus it’s also delivered to my door so that’s awesome. But I also like the unique variety and surprise of the local co-op box.

I think we will alternate each week until we see a bigger difference between the two.

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