2021 GOALS

by A to Z for Moms Like Me

Most people set goals at the first of the year. It’s a great time to evaluate where you’re at and where you want to be. Unfortunately, sticking with goals for more than a few months is where the true challenge comes. If you struggle keeping your yearly goals you’ll want to read this post! I have broke down 9 of the most common year long goals into simple weekly tasks called- 52 weeks of Little by Little.

As you may have experienced- it’s easy to set big year goals at the first of the year, but after a few weeks or months they can seem overwhelming. By breaking down the goals into weekly tasks it helps keep the momentum of reaching the year long goal without becoming overwhelming.

Sample Task Goals

Below are some examples of the different weekly tasks-

The Group

A few years back I created a facebook group 52 weeks of Little by Little . This group shared weekly task reminders for those wanting to reach some specific yearly goals. Each week there were posts shared in the group for that week’s task.

As I worked on my goals it was easy to help others at the same time by having these weekly task reminders. In theory it was a great idea, and for some people they really benefitted from it. The main problem was, to keep it going for others it took a lot of time and financial investment on my part. As a result I realized the group setup was not getting the attention it needed. But at the same time I still want to help others reach their goals. So I came up with a solution-

Moving Forward

Starting in 2021, the individual weekly tasks for each year long goal are available at my first blog’s store. A to Z for Moms Like Me. The Store includes 2 NEW weekly task pictures not available in the group, as well as a bundle that includes all of the tasks. Although most of the individual tasks are available for free in the group, the price to download all of them combined is cheap compared to the time it’d take to download them individually & combine them.
The downloads combine all 52 weeks into 1 file and also include the google calendar access link. To purchase any of these weekly task reminders go to my shop page, or click here


Get exclusive access to custom google calendars for each of the goals with the weekly reminders! When you purchase any of the goal task downloads you will get a link to the new related google calendar.
You can sync the calendar up with your gmail account for weekly reminders straight to your phone or computer! (these weekly reminders really help me stay on task)

Lets do this!

2021 will be an amazing year! I know this because we will choose to make it so!
Join the group and share your goals this year- 52 Weeks of Little by Little

*If building your food storage is one of your goals be sure to join my food storage & preparedness group as well!

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