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We got these dessert cup roasters last Fall and finally got around to trying them out. These are so fun! They came in a set of 2, and after our first use we learned that we for sure need to buy a couple more sets. Making 2 at a time for a large group of people took forever.

I’m excited to try different variations of these in the future. For this first time we made Strawberry Shortcake cups using crescent roll dough, cut up strawberries, and whipped cream.

You really could do about any kind of pie filling or fruit and use either pie, crescent, bread, or biscuit dough for the bowl. Maybe even a thick pancake batter? But I’m not sure how well that would come off the bowl once cooked.

Next time we go camping I for sure want to try out a few varieties!

These cookers come in 2 different varieties that I’ve seen:

*Tip for cooking* We learned that if you angle them upwards they would cook more evenly- it let the hot air go up inside the bowl- otherwise the outside would cook while the inside was still raw. This is also one reason I would recommend getting the metal style vs. the wood style.

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