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If you’ve never had fresh eggs you’re missing out! We’ve had chickens in the past, but this will be our first time in years and the kids are all pretty excited.

Let me say first of all, if you are looking to have chickens to save you money, depending on your family size you may not save much. But in saying that, chickens come with their own benefits- besides fresh eggs. If you are able to let them roam your yard, they will eat bugs, and even scorpions! Now THAT’S a beneficial pet! Just like any other pet, they give your kids the opportunity to learn responsibility and caring for an animal.

If you are into preparedness, having chickens is a fail-safe in case there were a major catastrophe, it’s nice to know your family would be somewhat self sufficient in having eggs & chickens for food or trading.

This year, we purchased 10 chicks….. because, if you’ve had chicks before, you understand that not all survive normally. In fact, we’re already down 2 after the first day. We’re hoping to end up with at least 6. These are the breeds we got:

Supposedly we should end up with purple, brown & white eggs! We were hoping for some blue & green ones, but those chicks were sold out. So it’s okay, we’ll stop being vain and just be happy with the eggs we get no matter what color. 😀

At Cal Ranch they were having their “chick days” sale, so when we bought the chicks they also had all the related items on sale including this starter box for $24.99

And we are officially in business! I’m so grateful to have a handy & supportive hubby who takes one these adventures with me!

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