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Did you know it’s possible to can candy?!?! It is!! Using a vacuum sealer with the hose and lid attachments you can seal lots of foods into mason jars and extend their expiration dates by years!

Some of the best things about vacuum sealing foods:

  • Seals are re-usable. Unlike regular canning where the lid is a one time use, with vacuum sealing you can re-use the lids over and over again! This makes it super handy to open a jar, take a small amount out, then seal it again and put it back on the shelf.
  • Extends the expiration date. In one of Wendy Dewitt’s videos she shows a jar of chocolate chips she had sealed for about 20 years and they were still good!
  • Protects from elements better- aside from temperature changes, vacuum sealing things in mason jars is a sure way to protect them from getting damaged by pests, water, humidity, etc.
  • Ability to add new things to your food storage. Using the vacuum sealing method you can now add things like candy, nuts, chocolate chips, cake mixes, dehydrated foods, jerky, freeze dried foods, and so much more!

Good > Having a food storage

Better > Having foods with a long shelf life

Best > Having Vacuum sealed foods for even longer shelf life!

Vacuum sealing foods will add an amazing variety and long shelf life of new foods to your food storage.

Discount Food Storage

Since the shelf life is extended with vacuum sealing, it doesn’t matter WHEN you purchase your candy. I buy the clearance candy after a holiday when it’s 50-75% off and seal it. You can use it the next year with no problems! And if you ever do have to live off your food storage, I don’t think anyone will care what holiday the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were from. All that will matter is how great they taste and what a treat they’ll be!

It’s about time

I first did a blog post about canning candy on my old blog years ago. I sealed some Twinkies & other Hostess goodies, and it just so happened to be a couple of months before they closed! Talk about ideal timing! But then they reopened within a year later and the ones I had weren’t as cool anymore. That blog post is still to this day one of my most popular posts so I figured it was time to make a tutorial video since there have been a lot of questions on vacuum sealing posted on the blog and facebook groups over the years.

Here’s a short tutorial video of how to vacuum seal things:

The prices have gone CRAZY this year (2020) for the jar attachments, so you may want to check your local stores to see if you can find them cheaper. But these are the tools you will need. There are lots of options for the food saver, this was one of the best priced ones I found and is currently on sale too.

If you enjoy learning about things like this you will love my facebook group- Food Storage 101. Come join the fun & learn more!

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