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There’s nothing like a real life trial run to humble you. And make you realize you don’t have as good of a food storage as you thought you did. That’s what happened to me this last week. All it took was one wrong step and my food storage fail was obvious.

One wrong step

We were up exploring my inlaw’s new property. It’s mostly covered with sage brush, dead trees, and dirt as it’s pretty remote. Now mind you, I thought we were going up to check on the new road they put in. I never thought we’d be hiking in the bush so I wore flip flops (big mistake).

As we left the road to shortcut though the property I took a painful step. There must have been a stick slightly off the ground at an angle I couldn’t see, because the tip of the stick went right between my flip flop and jabbed into my foot.

We couldn’t tell how bad it was, and honestly it didn’t look too bad. Other than a little bleeding and soreness. I was able to limp my way to the water in the irrigation ditch that runs through the property. It didn’t look too bad so I decided to tough it up and take it easy for a couple of days feeling positive it’d be fine.

By the time we got home I couldn’t put any weight on my foot at all. Talk about an interesting time getting into the house! My neighbors probably had quite the show (if they had seen) watching my husband wheel an office chair out to the truck and then pushing me into the house on it.

Now What?

Once I was in my bed I realized there was no way to get around, not even to go to the bathroom!! I was stuck! I couldn’t put any weight on one leg, and the office chair would only go so many places, even at that it was at great effort.

Luckily my husband was able to get some crutches from his work and I had something to hobble around on by that evening and during recovery. Turns out recovery will be much longer than a few days since the puncture got infected. After going to instacare they made a larger incision and pulled out 4 small splinters deep inside my foot. As of now we’re waiting to see if it will heal, and if not they may need to do surgery to make sure there’s no more splinters deep inside my foot.

What I’ve learned

Aside from the first obvious lesson of don’t wear flip flips while hiking…

I realized with this experience that our family has some serious gaps in our food storage in regards to medical preparedness.

It’s amazing (and frustrating) that such a small wound could completely prevent me from walking. Having a simple thing like crutches or a wheelchair in your food storage could be a life saver! Now we have our very own set of crutches to add to our food storage. I’m grateful we learned this lesson now when we had the ability to remedy it. Better now than in a true emergency when we may not have been able to get any crutches.

You may not need or foresee needing crutches or a wheelchair right now, but it’s better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

All the gory pics

For those who don’t mind a bit of gore, here’s the pictures of my foot.

Taken up at the property- doesn’t look too bad, you can see why we thought it’d be fine in a few days.
2 days later… the redness branching out is not a good sign, and the pain had woke me up in the night.
After the instacare had removed the splinters.
This is current. The foot specialist wants to keep an eye on the redness.

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