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Last weekend my husband and I took on the long overdue task of organizing and inventorying our food storage.

It’s amazing what we come away with each time we do this. Sometimes we have more than we thought and sometimes less. Either way it gives clarity in knowing what areas we need to focus on more.

Use a Checklist

One of the best ways to inventory your food storage is by using a checklist I created years ago. Once you download the spreadsheet you can customize including adding or removing foods and adjusting the amount your family uses per month.

Once your checklist is customized it’s easy to go through your food storage and check how many months supply you have of each item. As a result, once you are done you will know at a glance which foods you’re good on and which you need to stock up on.

Use the checklist to set a goal of having at least a 3 month supply of everything, then bump that up to 6 months, then 9 months, then a year or however much your goal is to have.

If you have already downloaded my checklist in the past you may want to check out the latest updates. I’m always adding new products and trying to keep it up to date as much as possible. If you have product suggestions for me to add please email me at what8ate@gmail.com

Have a Rotation System

One of the things we’ve found that helps in organizing our food storage is to have a good system that helps keep it organized.

Using our rotating can system the first cans in are the first to come out. This is ideal and helps avoid spoilage since ideally you want to be constantly rotating your food storage.

The can rotating system we use and that’s pictured in this post will actually be on sale Tuesday & Wednesday (11/24/20 & 11/25/20) so if you’ve been considering them you may as well get them while they’re cheaper!

To order go to: www.what8ate.thrivelife.com

There are larger units available for #10 or gallon size cans. These are AWESOME! But they are also a bigger investment. The most important thing is to make sure you are able to rotate your food storage so you don’t have foods spoiling before you use it.

Stock what you already use

One of the biggest mistakes people make is storing products they don’t use or like for their food storage. Some of the biggest reasons are:

  • It was on sale, or the kind I like is too expensive for food storage
    • You wont save money by buying foods your family wont eat. If you like a specific brand buy that brand. Stock up when it is on sale or little by little.
  • It was given to me
    • That’s great if you’re given food storage! But again, it’s pointless to store food your family wont eat. Either try it out and see how you like it, or re-gift it to someone who does like it.
  • We may have to feed other people
    • Depending on your circumstances such as how big your family or circle of friends are, and how much room you have to store things, this may apply. But don’t sacrifice space and potential spoiling food on small “what if’s”
  • I was told food storage needed to consist of Rice, Beans, etc.
    • YOUR food storage can consist of whatever you want! And most importantly whatever your family will eat.
    • It may be a rude wake up call if some day your family has to survive off your food storage and the switch from foods you eat now to meals of rice & beans is a shock to both the taste buds and the digestive system.

Stay Motivated

If you’re wanting to stay motivated and get some new ideas when it comes to food storage & preparedness I invite you to join my facebook group. It’s full of a lot of food storage experts and a great community to help answer questions and share ideas, recipes, resources, and so much more!

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