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There’s nothing like the smell, and soothing sound of an old fashioned stone wheat grinder. I remember as a kid sitting on the counter and playing with the wheat in the bowl on top of the grinder as it slowly went down into the grinder and was made into flour. The flour would come out nice and warm. There was just something comforting about it.

Then my mom bought a new wheat grinder………. DIFFERENT experience! The new one used a blade to grind the wheat and made this horrible high pitched squeal that could make anyone go deaf. Talk about an instant headache! No one wanted to turn that machine on, we’d do without the flour!

Tried & True

Luckily the old fashioned stone grinder is the one I got from my mom. Just listen to it in action in the video below:

Using this wheat grinder it can turn a #10 can (or gallon can) in to a lot of flour- more than would fit in the #10 can. One of those science mysteries.

Here’s some pictures of my wheat grinding.

If you’re looking at a wheat grinder for food storage/survival purposes I would recommend this hand crank one where no power is needed. We have one in our food storage, but unless the power is out and we need flour we don’t use it.

If you’re wanting electric, I’ve had a hard time finding one similar to the one I got from my mom. The ones below are the closest I could find. Without personally testing them I’m not sure of their quality, or most importantly, the sound they make.
The first one (the wood box one) is the only one I could find that actually uses stones instead of blades. So if mine ever does give out (fingers crossed it doesn’t) that’s the one I would probably buy to replace it.

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