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Summer was great, the garden produced well, and now that it’s getting cold at nights plants are starting to die off. What now?

It feels a little sac-religious to tear up your plants who so generously provided a harvest for you this year, I get it. But at this point they aren’t doing any good and have served their purpose.


  • Just because the plant is no longer growing or producing doesn’t mean it’s no good. You can still mix it in with your garden soil and let any of the remaining nutrients left in the plant be reabsorbed into the soil.

If you’re not planning on growing any winter vegetables you can start to prepare your soil now for next year’s garden!

  • Start thinking about how you can enrich your soil for next year’s garden.
  • Things like fertilizer, potting soil, miracle grow, etc. will most likely be on sale or clearance at stores this time of year- it’s a great time to stock up and get them at a discount.
  • You can keep adding things to the garden soil such as: crushed egg shells, banana peels, etc. that will help put nutrients into the soil.

To Compost or not to compost?

Making your own compost gives you the ability to control exactly what goes into your soil- then your plants- then your food. There are many different ways to compost, and even some bins you can purchase. A few interesting options I’ve found on Amazon that we may look into are below:

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