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If you are checking out this website, chances are you are interested in feeding your family within the best budget as possible.  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Our budgeting posts will show you how we feed our family of 8 on a minimal budget and still manage to build up a food storage and make meals for other families.

First, I want to share this Budgeting Meals Game I invented a few years ago that has worked WONDERS for my kids, it has taught them so many skills including: budgeting, cooking, shopping, gratitude, and so much more! This video explains how to play the game-


We live in a world of rewards points, membership perks, apps, coupons, etc. that are all easily accessible- that is if you know about them and where to find them!  I will teach you how I never- (okay without absolutes) rarely, pay full price for most things. 


Any savings is savings.  Don’t get discouraged because you’ve watched the TV shows where people leave the store with $900 worth of groceries and paid $0.32 for it.  (hint: some of that is staged and the stores give discounts for the advertising on the show so it’s not something that is available to just anyone)

You CAN however still save a large percentage off of each grocery trip.  I figure even if I save 30% from one trip, that’s great!  There have been trips where I’ve saved 80-90%, but those are when there’s a super great deal, it’s the exception, not the norm.  I would say a good realistic average for most people to shoot for is 30-50%.  Even 30% is a great savings! That means you would be spending $70 instead of $100- that’s $30 more in your pocket! (enough to pay for a pizza or date night!)

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