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by A to Z for Moms Like Me

Now that it’s getting cold, our garden is dying off and it was time to pick the last big harvest of the year. Granted, we will probably get a few more squash and MAYBE a zucchini or two, but for the most part the growing season is over where we live.

This year’s garden produced pretty well for us! I owe the majority of it’s success to my husband for installing a timed soaker drip system thing…. I don’t know the technical name for it- but it watered the garden for me twice a day automatically. Watering, or better yet remembering to water the garden is my downfall. The automatic system was a life saver and probably the biggest reason we harvested as much as we did this year.

Here’s a few pictures of our garden throughout the season this year, including some of our harvesting.

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