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We did a thing….

We purchased our own freeze dryer!

It took about 4 weeks to get it once we ordered & paid for it. The average time is 6-10 weeks with the recent influx of orders. Considering this, we were very lucky to get ours so quickly.

When it comes to Harvest Right freeze dryers there are 3 common sizes. That is to say three sizes for personal use not counting commercial or pharmaceutical use. Small, Medium, and Large.

Why a Freeze Dryer?

As you may have read on past posts, freeze dried foods are the best for long term food storage. As a Thrive Life consultant I love their freeze dried foods. But we also wanted the ability to freeze dry more customized items such as complete meals and other items not available through Thrive Life.

We also have some long term goals for once we build a new house (eventually) and a freeze dryer was always part of that plan. As a result of recent events the price of freeze dryers have gone up and will most likely continue to rise. Combined with the additional back order time that seems to be hovering around 8-12 weeks on average we figured now is a good time to buy our machine.

The Adventure

Starting this freeze drying adventure we’ve been recording videos of our entire experience to help others who are thinking about getting a machine, or who just got a machine and feel overwhelmed learn with us.

We have a new facebook group to share the adventure- come join us!



You can watch our videos on our YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/atozformomslikeme

Here’s our first video!

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