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Once we had arrived at our hotel & settled in after a long 7 hour trip we were ready for some dinner! We had planned to get Costco pizza for dinner because you just can’t beat the price for the amount of food and convenience while on a trip. However, the closest Costco to our hotel was a 20 minute drive, and after driving all day none of us felt like getting back into the car for awhile.

Luckily, next door to our hotel was a hamburger place called Bill’s Burgers. So we walked over there for dinner. It was a cute mom & pop burger place with great customer service.

We noticed this picture on a window as we got up to the door…

Family special at Bill’s Burgers

Although it would take 2 of these to feed our family, it’s a start! Once again my sister ordered & paid for her own food (which totaled close to $10 for just her)

What we got:

Since our 2 youngest girls rarely eat even a meal they split, and not every person needs their own drink & order of fries, this is what we ordered:

  • 1 Family Meal Deal, which came with:
    • 4 Hamburgers
    • 4 orders of fries
    • 4 drinks
  • 2 Avocado Cheeseburgers
  • 1 order of fries
  • 2 waters

What we Paid: $43.15

Not bad when you consider that for my sister’s meal being 1 person it was just under $10! For $43.15 we were able to feed 7 of us at a nice dine in restaurant. Doing things like splitting a meal for the 2 little girls, and getting water instead of soda, as well as my husband and I sharing fries and one of the sodas since I usually only drink a few sips anyway were all ways we saved money over all.

The owner- Bill (pictured below with my hubby) was really sweet and split one of the hamburgers & fries on a second plate so our little girls could share.

What we had Leftover

This was a TON of food! Not only was it delicious, but the hamburgers were HUGE! Look at the pictures below! Everyone was stuffed and all we ended up having left over was some french fries and a few bites of burgers here and there. Not enough to worry about taking with us. It was the perfect place to have dinner and fill everyone up without breaking the bank.

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