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On our first day of this vacation we left our house in the morning and got on the road for a 7 hour drive to our hotel. We stopped in Las Vegas which was close to a half way point and arrived there just about lunch time so it was good timing.

A month or two before our trip I had purchased some Subway gift cards. Buying these in advance are great because that means our meals are paid for and don’t have to come out of any trip budget by the time we go. And it’s nice to be able to choose some places we enjoy rather than basing things solely on the budget at the time. I don’t know about your family, but mine will take Subway over McDonald’s any day!

We had $50 in Subway gift cards to work with. In full disclosure, my oldest daughter decided not to come on the trip with us, so instead we took my sister with us. Most of our meals were paid for together, however, this meal she bought her own lunch.

With 7 in our family to buy for, each person got a foot long sub except for the 2 youngest girls (ages 4 & 7)- they shared a foot long. So in total we bought 6 foot long subs.

We were disappointed to learn that Subway (or at least the one we were at) no longer does their $5 foot long subs. 🙁 If they still had that deal we could have each got a drink and chips with our sub for the same price that each sub was without that deal. That was a major bummer, but what can we do? So we each just got a sub, and a cup of water. Typically we do try to go to places that have good deals since we are feeding so many people- it adds up!

SIDE NOTE: Most of the time when we do eat out at places, we get water (with lemon) to drink. Because it’s more healthy, cheaper (usually free), and we have come to prefer water over soda the majority of the time. Even our kids will sometimes choose water when given the option. (yay!)

What we Spent:

Each sub averaged $7-8 at this stop. And since we are on vacation and the gift cards mean the meal doesn’t come out of our trip budget we spoil the kids more than normal and let them choose whatever they want as opposed to guiding them to the cheaper options or giving them a budget to work with.

We had two $25 gift cards, and 1 gift card that had a little over a dollar on it. Our total for all 6 foot long subs and waters for everyone was: $47.57 We ended up with a balance on one of the cards of $3.67 (woo hoo! sounds like a lunch for another day to me!)

What we Got:

Our order included:

  • 2 Turkey foot long subs
  • 1 Chicken Teriyaki foot long sub
  • 1 Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • 1 Tuna foot long sub
  • 1 Roast Beef foot long sub
  • 7 waters

We all ate until we were full, and 6 of the 8 of us in total had leftovers to take with us on the road. Which those that had leftovers ended up eating an hour or two down the road.

Healthy. Planned Ahead. Budgeted. And a great way to start off our trip!

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