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It’s Spring! Which means it’s time to get the garden ready. Last year’s garden was a semi-bust. We think the mistakes we made were:

  • Planting too closely
  • Not giving plants enough water
  • Not watering consistently
  • Having chickens that kept escaping and eating the plants!

This year we are taking measures to improve our garden experience.

First we fenced off the chickens to one side of the yard. This was a long time coming! Finally we have our yard back! Our plan is to let the chickens free range the entire yard outside of gardening season. That way they will eat all the bugs, spiders, and keep the weeds down in the rest of the yard, but during the summer when we want to spend the most time in the back yard we wont have to deal with chicken messes or them pestering us. Plus, this year I really want to FINALLY put grass in our back yard.

In the garden area, my husband used the roto tiller to till up the dirt and the remains of last year’s garden. This is an important step to loosen the ground before planting. Since last yea we have been adding things like banana peels and crushed egg shells to the garden area to build up some good nutrients for this year’s garden. Tilling also mixes all this up.

Once it was tilled well, my son spread out a couple of bags of potting soil. This is a good addition to the garden dirt and it full of nutrients for new plants to use this year.

Once the dirt was ready, my son assembled our new green house toppers to put on top of the dirt. I’m so excited to try these this year! They should extend our growing season quite a bit. (see picture below) You can order these from Amazon here.

We learned last year that plants purchased from our local nursery did WAY better than those we started from seeds. As a result, we purchased all our plants from the local nursery this year. Some will go in pots, but most will go in our raised garden bed. Here’s our progress so far this year.

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