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If you are interested in having a garden then the next few months posts should prove helpful. And trust me, if I can grow a garden, anyone can! I have the world’s blackest thumb.

To start out our garden this year we got some seed pods. If you’ve never used these before I highly recommend them. They are very low maintenance and a great way for beginners to start growing from seeds. Growing from seeds is usually a lot cheaper since a pack of 20+ seeds costs about $1 vs buying each plant at $3-4 a month or two later. These seed pods are very low maintenance too which makes them perfect for someone like me that has no talent in growing things! We purchased ours at Walmart for about $12 each, you can also order them online, use my affiliate coupon below to get free shipping! They come in different sizes- we got some larger ones for the tomatoes, and small ones for everything else. This is what the small ones look like. I JUST saw them on the Walmart website on clearance so go grab some quick here.

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Basically these seed pods are compressed & dehydrated dirt. When you are ready to plant your seeds you pour warm water (seriously, if you use cold water it will take 10x longer) over the pods one cup at a time as they absorb the water. Once they are all rehydrated and puffed up to almost the rim of the container they’re ready. You’ll be able to tell because they’ll slow down the speed they absorb the water you pour in. You don’t want stagnant water in the container.

Once they are all rehydrated, you open the tops of each pod and loosen the dirt a bit with your finger, then push 1-3 seeds in each one and cover with the dirt. That’s it! Place the clear lid over the top of the pods making it a mini greenhouse that will hold in moisture and leave them alone.

If you start to see some mold growing just remove the lid and let the pods air out a bit. (this is normal) You can also google ways to get rid of the mold if it bothers you. My husband just picks it out.

The pods will stay damp for days and days and require minimal water or attention (especially while the lid is on) Once the seeds start to grow we remove the lid so they can get more sunlight and it helps prevent mold growth. The seeds will grow pretty fast! We usually start seeing them peeking out of the dirt within 3-4 days.

Here is the pictures of this year’s seed pods and their progression.

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